A Brief History of the Evolution of Body Adornment in Western Culture: Ancient Origins and Today
By Blake Perlingieri

Packed full of historic and rare archival photos, exquisite jewelry and extreme tribal procedures—this book is by and for piercers, and a must-have for enthusiasts in or out of the industry.

Currently, out of print.





Spirit + Flesh
By Fakir Musafar

A beautiful coffee table book, featuring 50 years of historic photos of Fakir and his subjects. This is an artsy and tasteful book by the grandfather of the Modern Primitive Movement.



The Quest for Human Beauty
By Julian Robinson

A brilliant global overview of body art in all of its diversity. A must for any library. Features Blake Twice.






Body Play, The Book, Volume 1
By Fakir Musafar

Rare and historic photos from Body Play, the legendary publication. Numerous features on Blake and NOMAD, dating back to the early 90s. Required reading for any industry person.







  Tribal Arts Magazine Feature, Summer/Autumn 2001
By Jonathan Fogel, Editor

“The Nomad Museum, a private collection in Bend, Oregon, recently moved to more formal quarters at 616 NW Arizona Street, in the same city. The museum is the first to be dedicated exclusively to the exploration of the worldwide cross-cultural rituals of body art and personal adornment. It showcases jewelry and art representing body modifications from most of humanity’s notable adorned cultures. The museum also traces the evolution of body art and adornment throughout Mesoamerica, spanning Olmec through Aztec cultures, and featuring gold, jade, obsidian, and silver plugs that were soldered, cast, or hammered into the finest personal adornments nobility could afford. The collection represents some four generations of family collecting spanning the whole of the twentieth century.”



Body Play 1991
Body Play, 1991: Blake is featured as the First Piercer with Two Inch Lobes


Body Play, 1992: Blake Feature

Body Play Cover, 1993: Blake Feature

France, 1993

Esquire Gentlemen, 1994: Blake Feature
Body Play, 1994: Nomad Feature
Japan, 1994: Nomad Feature
Japan, 1995: Nomad Feature
In The Flesh, USA, 1995: Blake/Nomad Feature
ProoF Magizine , 1996: New York City Debuit Issue, Nomad Guy Feature
Tatoo Savage, 1995-1996: Nomad Feature
Body Play, 2000: Nomad Feature
Tatu Arte, Mexico, 2003: Blake Feature
The Point, 2003: APP Feature
Tatu Arte, Mexico, 2004: Nomad Feature
Oregonizm, Portland Oregon 2007: Nomad Feature

The Point 2009: Final Nomadic contribution to this publication
View readable version

Portland Art Meseum Magizine 2009: Feature of Nomad Collection

HBO, Sex Bytes, 1994

Guttervision, Cable News, 1994

CNN, Skin Tribes With Peggy Knapp, June 9, 1994
The world’s first 1-hour piercing news special with cultural emphasis.

Discovery Channel, Network Earth, 1995

New York On The Edge, Second Skin, 1995

Discovery Channel, Beyond Bizarre, 1995

CBN, 700 Club, October 1996

Japanese Television, 1997

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, 2000

Discovery Channel, Eye Of The Beholder, 2004
4-hour prime time series about the history of body art. Hosted by Serena Yang.

Nomad is an original founding member of the APP 1994

The Point, issue number 1 cover, introduction by Blake; APP Founders, 1994, San Francisco


Fakir Musafar’s 2003 Anthropology Lecture and Book Signing with Blake

APP Convention 2003: Fakir and Blake with their new books.


Blake’s 2004 APP Anthropology Lecture and Book Signing

APP Conference, Las Vegas, 2004: Blake's Anthropology Lecture and book signing

The most distinguished lecture a piercer can present, the APP’s highly esteemed Anthropology Lecture. In addition to Blake’s lecture, Fakir Musafar and Jim Ward have presented in previous years.

Blake's 2006 APP Anthropology Lecture in Mexico City ,
book signing and DVD release

APP Conference, Mexico City, 2006: This was the very first APP conference in Mexico and after 18 years of piercing, it was a career high point. Piercers from all over the region were in attendance—some from as far away as Venezuela and Peru. Distinguished guests in attendance included A.F. Josefina Bautista, director of the famous Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. It was an honor to present this anthropology lecture to a packed house of such warm and enthusiastic piercers. It was an emotional experience for myself as well as the audience in attendance. Truly a milestone event in our industry.