Exclusively piercing and custom jewelry since 1993, Nomad is a down-to-earth mom-and-pop shop and family operation. Nowadays, many corporate Mc-piercing studios stick their unsuspecting (or uneducated) clients with a minimally trained apprentice or industry newbie. Our feeling that every client deserves the best means that at our Portland studio, you get Papa Nomad every time. The boss is always on duty. We are not ashamed to say that you will not find better service and nicer jewelry at a more reasonable price anywhere else.



Located at:
833 SE Main Street
Portland, OR 97214

Map and DIrections

Call us at: 1-503-236-6118


Open Friday and Saturday.
All clients must CALL AHEAD for availability.
Appointments for babies and younger kids is recommended before 12pm.

Nomad. For those who can tell the difference.

Grandson of an oral surgeon, and former medical student, Papa Nomad believes that a studio can have HOSPITAL STERILIZATION without the studio ambiance feeling sterile. We are industry pioneers and APP co-founders, and authored many of the medical guidelines that all state Health Licensing Regulations are based on. We lobbied in Sacremento, Ca. in 1995 to have the WORLD'S FIRST piercing/medical guidelines (spore tested autoclaves, single-use, sterilized piercing needles, etc.) legislated into law. Later, every regulated state in the USA would adopt these important health and safety standards. We have been licensed and inspected in Oregon for 13 of our 18 years and have A PERFECT OPERATIONAL RECORD. Papa Nomad has performed over 100,000 procedures since 1988! More than any other piercer on the planet. It's your body, EXPERIENCE MATTERS!

Inside Nomad studio/museum

Nomad Piercing studio lobby

Nomad Museum provides cultural context with traditional tribal art and ornament which makes the piercing and jewelry experience a more rewarding one

Nomad Disclaimer/Personal Philosophy


Since I founded this studio some 17 years ago (as of 2010), I have seeded and moved Nomad to many locations: San Francisco, Melbourne, Australia and Bend, to name a few. When the time comes to "Nomad on", my studio moves with me. Old school clients/regulars have come to expect my expert service each and every time. In Portland, they receive it each and every time.

Always ask to see a piercer's portfolio if you have not seen their work already: do your homework! (See Portfolio mini-sampler in "Nomad Custom Jewelry" section). My full portfolio, located at the studio is guaranteed to impress, and is filled with one-of-a-kind and technically over-the-top piercing work considered impossible by most other piercers. Therefore, in my portfolio, there are virtually NO pictures of navels, eyebrows, or other basic piercings (unless they are sporting gold, diamond, or other high-end custom jewelry). Be assured however, that I am more than capable when it does come to a tongue or other "simpler" work: I am happy to do it. I also specialize in custom piercing/jewelry and routinely adorn my clients in one-of-a-kind fashion.

Though I have licensed the Nomad name once or twice, my personal reputation and skills as an industry pioneer are not transferable. The unsurpassed skills and credentials of the piercer whose work is featured in this website are available in Portland, Oregon only. From day one, my Nomad has always been EXCLUSIVELY piercing and custom jewelry....No Tattoos! I care enough about the art form to dedicate myself to one thing; I do not believe in offering multiple services. I am a "master of ONE", not a "jack of all trades!" Portland Nomad is not located in an touristy area that caters to uneducated clientel, rather, we are a word-of-mouth business and rely on satisfied, dedicated customers willing to seek us out who have done their research first. The studio ambience of the famous Nomad Tribal Art Museum, my custom design and on-premises custom jewelry fabrication can be found in Portland. Those dedicated and discerning enough; those who have researched their piercer, and want the best will find me here. I can assume no responsibility for service rendered under the Nomad name unless you are my Portland studio. Frankly, any other "Nomads" I have seeded are not mine. Name alone obviously does not guarantee personal reputation or professional expertees and credentials. Poppa Nomad is here for you in Portland. There's no place like home!



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