As industry pioneers, Nomad introduced to the piercing industry high-end, precious gemstone body jewelry and organic earware, some fifteen years ago. These concepts have been "bitten", borrowed, and stolen by manufactures for years. For this reason we minimize showcasing our amazing jewelry to protect our special designs. Here is a small sample of our lovelies. The world's finest custom body jewelry, which include gold, diamonds, platinum and precious gemstones are available directly from us at our Portland studio; (only there, not online, can you see it). Please visit us for a consultation. Nomad's owner, Blake is also an accomplished designer and on-premises fabricator, another Nomad exclusive service we provide.

The finest Tribal Nouveau Ear Jewelry for those with stretched holes is available from small sizes to four inches. Materials such as stone, renewable exotic hardwoods, bone, vegan ivory, and other exotic organic materials are always in stock. We are not wholesalers, but ship worldwide for our dedicated clientel. Call 503-236-6118 for consultation or custom order, or visit our Porland studio.

The only piercing studio in the world that is still operated (every day) by it's owner, industry pioneer, Blake, since 1993. This keeps our staff small, overhead low, and our fine jewelry competitively priced. Our list of discerning (often celebrity) clientel is a testament to the unwavering dedication to our loyal clients.

2009 Tribal Neuveau Nomad Ltd Ed. Earring

2011 Nomad Ltd. Ed. Tribal Earring

Custom, ONE-OF-A-KIND ear projects that will blow your mind are another Nomad exclusive. Visit our Portland studio to see more and have us fabricate something unique for you.

This one, invented by Nomad, is called a VORTEX. Redefining what a "Vertical Industrial" can be, this quad beauty terminates in a Saphire and Diamond flower set in 18K White and Yellow Gold.


Another Nomad One-of-a-kind: A model of the solar system. Nine concentric orbits.



One-of-a-kind: Six interconnected ear piercings as one ear project.


Double Daith

Limited Edition, One of a Kind Tribal Neuveau Nomad Dangle


Another One of a Kind Ear Project

Another One of a Kind and Nomad original concept: Reverse Vortex


Museum tours always available for teachers and anthropologists. Authentic Tribal and Indigenous Jewelry with provenance also available for serous collectors and officianados.

Nomad Custom Wood Organics Since 1993 / Nomad Wood Philosophy

The studio that introduced in 1993 organics to the industry still features in house custom fabrication with renewably sourced hardwoods and custom inlays. Since most organic hardwoods are endangered we DO NOT machine or lathe our products. It only takes a minute or two to pop out lathed/machined wood plugs. This also wastes massive amount of wood. Handwork ensures very little waste, local craftsmanship, and lots of love. Vegans / environmentally aware people as well as those with big ears can appreciate this concept.


Who else could make
a custom 2 1/2 Inch Star Trek Inlay
to go with Ricks back piece?



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