2015: APP co founder Blake Perlingieri presented an important
and well attended lecture to an international audience of piercers.

Elders of the piercing industry.... Fakir. Jim. Elaine. Blake....
As of 2015, Nomad is the
Elder and STILL PRACTICING! That's something!

Fakir and Blake celebrating Nomad's 18th anniversary party, 2011.
Fakir and his wife attended our opening party in SF.
APP Convention 2003: Bear, Fakir and Blake
Blake, Alicia (with fresh Nomad Labret) and Anna Paula in Mexico City 2006
Nomad PDX: Industry pioneer Vaughn and Blake
Mexico City, Anthropology Lecture 2006: Blake of Nomad, U.S.A. and Carlin of Nomada's, Mexico
Mayan Ruins, Mexico, 2006: Blake, Alicia APP President and Luis
Left to Right: Nomad Staff, Australia, 1995; Nomad Staff, San Francisco, 1995; Nomad Staff, Bend, 2004
Above: Nomad Staff, Blake (aka Papa Nomad), Portland, 2008
Rick and Blake
Adam and Blake

Blake and Supermodel client Tatiana Dragovic
Left publication: Imperijal, Nomad Feature, Croatia, 2005

Blake and Supermodel client Sibyl Buck

Nomad client Lisa Edelstein.
Lisa has appeared with Ben Stiller in the movie Keeping the Faith. She has also appeared on television
in Seinfeld, The West Wing, and Alley McBeal. She currently stars in the Fox TV hit House.

Nomad client Lovette.
Lovette has appeared in over 200 XXX movies.
Rock Star Clientel



Mahakali. Jarboe, Queen of the Dark Divas. Happy Nomad client.


The Red King. Dark Metal icon.



Swans. Legendary band with over 20 CDs.


Drive Like Jehu. From San Diego, have toured with Tool.





Switchblade Symphony. Gothic legends that have toured with Sisters of Mercy. Tina and Susan are Nomad clients from the early San Fransico days.


Machine Head. Guitarist Logan is a longtime Nomad client.

  Crash Worship. The legendary industrial band from Southern California, boasts numerous Nomad clients.   Beyonce
and the Sugar Mama's.

Bibi McGill - Beyonce Gutarist and Happy Nomad Client


Tina and Susan of Switchblade Symphony - Happy Nomad Clients

Jarboe and Lord Xavier - Happy Nomad clients and musical collaborators

The Red King aka Johann - Nomad client, musical collaborator, and friend since before Nomad opened



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