2015: APP co founder Blake Perlingieri presented an important
and well attended lecture to an international audience of piercers.

Formmer APP President Alicia Cardeneas and Blake.
Nomad crew and Fakir!

Elders of the piercing industry.... Fakir. Jim. Elaine. Blake....
As of 2015, Nomad is the
Elder and STILL PRACTICING! That's something!

Portland Art Museum featuring the Nomad Collection

Fakir Musafar,grandfather of the Modern Primitive Movement and his prodigal son, Blake of Nomad visit the Nomad Jewelry Exhibition at the Portland Art Museum, 2011. Fakir and Blake are the only two piercers and industry pioneers to contribute CULTURALLY (through their books, media and lectures) to their industry, and this exhibit is the ONE OF  it's kind in the history of the industry. Blake and Fakir are the only two guys of their genre to take it to the "next level" and educate non-industry people. This exhibition has had over A HALF MILLION VISITORS in the last 3 years! It was a huge honor conducting a Tour for Fakir and his wife at this special exhibit. Watch for video coming soon! This is a MUST SEE for  piercers who actually care about the cultural origins of the industry they work in.

Fakir and Cleo at Nomad Jewelry Exhibition, 2011


My Prodigal Daughter and Fakir
@ Mayan Exhibition

Rare footage of Fakir and Blake visiting The Nomad Exhibition':
Cultural Education is JOB ONE at Nomad

The Precolombian gallery at the Portland Art Museum. A portion of the Nomad collection
will be on display through the entire year of 2009.

The Nomad guy and his eldest child, Mayan in front of the new Mayan installation
at the Portland Art Museum.

The Nomad guy and Anna Strankman, curator at the Portland Art Museum
at the Nomad Museum.

Former MET curator Shirley Day, with the Nomad Guy at his Portland Art Museum exhibition

Former MET curator Shirley Day, Portland Art Museum 2010

The Nomad guy presenting a lecture to docents and staff
at The Portland Art Museum, April, 2009.

Portland Bead Society Lecture 2009

Show and tell from lecture.

The Nomad Guy lecturing at Portland Bead Society, 2009.

Artist Talk Portland Art Museum July 9, 2009

Before the lecture

Mayan and Poppa Nomad's book in the gift shop

the lecture

final discussion of personal ornament

Portland Art Museum 2009 Tattoo Art Special Exhibition

The Nomad clan at Portland Art Museum 2009 exhibition

Portland Art Museum 2009 antique tattoo implements on loan from Nomad

Native American Art Council / Portland Art Museum Lecture May 6th 2010

click for readable version

click for readable version

Blake giving 2010 Artist Talk/Lecture to docents
and staff at Portland Art Museum on the Nomad Collection"


Nomad is an original founding member of the APP 1994

The Point, issue number 1 cover, introduction by Blake; APP Founders, 1994, San Francisco


Fakir Musafar’s 2003 Anthropology Lecture and Book Signing with Blake

APP Convention 2003: Fakir and Blake with their new books.


Blake’s 2004 APP Anthropology Lecture and Book Signing

APP Conference, Las Vegas, 2004: Blake's Anthropology Lecture and book signing

The most distinguished lecture a piercer can present, the APP’s highly esteemed Anthropology Lecture. In addition to Blake’s lecture, Fakir Musafar and Jim Ward have presented in previous years.

Blake's 2006 APP Anthropology Lecture in Mexico City ,
book signing and DVD release

APP Conference, Mexico City, 2006: This was the very first APP conference in Mexico and after 18 years of piercing, it was a career high point. Piercers from all over the region were in attendance—some from as far away as Venezuela and Peru. Distinguished guests in attendance included A.F. Josefina Bautista, director of the famous Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. It was an honor to present this anthropology lecture to a packed house of such warm and enthusiastic piercers. It was an emotional experience for myself as well as the audience in attendance. Truly a milestone event in our industry.


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