For those of you old enough to remember names like Fakir, Jim, or The Gauntlet (out of business for over a decade); all of whom have long since retired from daily studio duties, (or the industry entirely) Nomad's piercer, Blake, who at nineteen continuous studio years (as of 2009), is now the longest practicing piercer at any studio in the world. Blake began piercing semi-professionally in San Diego in 1988 and professionally in 1990 at San Francisco's Body Manipulations, the second piercing studio in the world. In 1993, Blake opened Nomad, the first tribal studio in the industry in San Francisco's Haight District. Nomad revolutionized the piercing industry by introducing "Freehand" and "Large-Gauge" technique (see Nomad DVD) as well as the FIRST line of Organic custom wood earware for stretched holes.

In 1994, Blake and Nomad were original co-founders of the APP. In 1995 Blake opened Nomad, Australia, the first piercing studio down under. From 1996 to 1998 Blake brought his tribal gospel to the east coast and there apprenticed nearly a dozen piercers.

In 1998, he downshifted his life from 80 piercing clients a day to a humble 20. He founded the Nomad Museum, the only museum of personal ornament in the United States. In 2003, Blake authored "A Brief History of the Evolution of Body Adornment in Western Culture", the first culturally/historically oriented book ever written by a piercer. This book is now out of print.

He presented the APP's esteemed Anthropology Lecture at the Las Vegas conference in 2004. There, Blake and Fakir had a book signing and release event. In 2006, Blake presented the APP's first Anthropology Lecture in Mexico City, this was an industry milestone. In 2006, he released the long-awaited Nomad DVD, a procedural and historic reference for advanced piercers.

In the spring of 2007, Blake relocated Nomad to Portland, and opened another Nomad location there. In April 2008, they welcomed a new baby boy to the growing Nomad family.

In 2009, Blake completed work at The Portland Art Museum on a major exhibition of Precolombian art and ornament. This rare exhibition is on display for the entire year of 2009. He is also presenting numerous lectures to staff and members related to the exhibition.

2018 is Nomad's 25th/silver anniversary. This makes Nomad the worlds oldest owner-operated piercing studio. 25 years of continuous experience all in one piercer. You deserve the best.

Important Note: when considering a piercing in the state of Oregon you should be aware that body piercers in our fine state are required NO training or apprenticeship of any kind in order to obtain a license (write your local elected official and support the "Nomad Bill" if this concerns you). For example, hairdressers (licensed by the same people), are required over 1,000 hours of training: therefore most "piercers", especially at low-end, tattoo, or multiple service shops lie about their experience (or lack of it). It's your body. Seek out the most qualified piercer you can find. Bargain shopping for cheap jewelry and cheap piercing is for idiots. You get what you pay for. Do it right the first time. Do it at Nomad.


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